Author and recognized physicist George F. Garlick, reveals new insights in to the physical and spiritual realities of our world in his new book, The Journey to Truth.

As a leading physicist, Garlick discusses modern scientific discoveries such as the Big Bang, Einstein's theory of relativity, superstrings,  the 5th Dimension and the nature of light and draws parallels to biblical references that he believes to be truths.

The Journey to Truth is an honest account of the author's personal struggle to accept faith and a successful scientific career.   As readers delve into the book, they can't help but "walk the path" toward a better understanding of the truth that exists about our spiritual and physical existence.

*All proceeds from the sale of this book will be given to charitable organizations in the Tri-Cities area.


"By using our mind to explore the mysteries of the universe, we can achieve a better understanding of our relationship with God"

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